As a VENUE: Host your event…

Whether it’s a * business meeting * staff retreat * reception * seminar, or other * special event, the Yellowstone Art Museum offers one of the most delightful settings in Billings. The Yellowstone Art Museum’s spacious halls and ever-changing art exhibitions provide a beautiful backdrop to make your event memorable. By choosing the Museum for your meeting or event, you also support the YAM and help us provide the outstanding exhibitions Billings has come to expect. Distinctive spaces include:

Visible Vault

  • The “Vault” is a contemporary space featuring tall ceilings and polished concrete floors surrounded by art in the YAM Permanent collection.

          Maximum Capacity
Reception ………… 125
Seated Event ………… 60

 Museum First Floor

  • Space includes YAM Promenade outside the galleries and Courtyard. Gallery space not included. Rental of gallery space is on a case-by-case basis.

         Maximum Capacity ………… 200

Museum Second Floor

  • Up the elegant staircase is the Great Hall outside the second floor galleries. This spacious area is perfect for intimate cocktail receptions.

         Maximum Capacity:
Reception ………… 120
Seated Event ………… 70

Entire Museum

  • Includes main level Promenade outside of the galleries, Raven’s Café d’Art, Courtyard, and second level Great Hall space outside the galleries. Upstairs galleries available by request and based on exhibition schedule.

          Maximum Capacity ………… Up to 300

Murdock Gallery

  • Screen accessibility with full audio
  • 80 chairs for lectures*
  • 80 standing cocktail
  • 64 seated dinner

Visible Vault

  • Screen accessibility
  • 100 chairs for lectures8
  • 100 standing cocktail8
  • 64 seated dinner

Museum first floor hallways and courtyard. Includes Murdock Gallery / Boundless Visions*

  • 200 chairs
  •  200 standing cocktail
  • 120 seated dinner*
  • + 64 in Murdock seated dinner

Entire Museum

Murdock Gallery, Museum first floor hallways and courtyard, Boundless Visions*, 2nd floor hallways, Montana Gallery* Scott,  and * NW Projects Galleries

  • 200 chairs
  • 300 standing cocktail
  • 160 seated dinner
  • + 64 in Murdock seated dinner
  • (Food and drink prohibited in galleries)

High Grade Storage for Valuables: Consider storing your fine art or other valuables at the Visible Vault. The space offers a high-security, 24-hour climate controlled environment for your one-of-a-kind collectibles. Formal lease required.

Parking Space Rental:The YAM leases parking spaces at both of its convenient downtown locations, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Parking Lot Locations:
* Yellowstone Art Museum: 401 N 27th St.
* Visible Vault: 505 N 26th St.

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As a SHOP: Discover unique gifts…

  • YAMstore: Discover an artful mix of one-of-a-kind works, rare and beautiful objects: * BOOKS * JEWELRY * PRINTS * GIFTS * HANDCRAFTED ITEMS by local and nationally-known artists * TOYS, and * other items for children of all ages. Explore the newly expanded YAMstore, where creatives from all walks of life can browse an even greater selection of museum-worthy, heirloom quality items.

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As an EATERY: Food for thought…

  • Sample one of the many delicious and eclectic entrées offered at Raven’s Café d’Art, including a variety of sandwiches, salads, and vegetarian dishes. Come and join us for lunch, your taste buds are sure to be delighted!
  • Catering & Event Hosting: Interested in catering options or booking the Raven’s Café for a weekday breakfast gathering? Call or email today.
  • Summer Cooking Classes: Summer cooking on the patio! Immerse yourself in the featured cuisine starting with a small bites course, samples of the featured drinks, cooking demonstrations of the main course with plenty more food to eat, and ending on a sweet treat. Our version of dinner and a show!

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As a DONOR: Show that you care…

The YAM relies on the generous financial support of individuals and businesses to help sustain the Museum’s community and educational programs, preserve and expand the YAM’s art collection, and bring world-class exhibitions to the region.


Membership gives you an entire year of access to art and culture through free admission to the Yellowstone Art Museum and the Visible Vault. Members also receive advance information about upcoming exhibitions and events plus a subscription to TRYPTYCH magazine. Most importantly, members provide critical operating support that helps sustain the YAM’s community and educational programs and enables the Museum to bring world-class exhibitions to the region. Individual Memberships are offered at these levels: * INVESTOR’S CIRCLE * FOUNDER’S CIRCLE * PRESIDENT”S CIRCLE * MUSEUM CIRCLE * CONTRIBUTOR * COLLECTOR * BENEFACTOR * GALLERY FRIENDS & FAMILY * HIGH FIVE


  • You may customize your donation to be in any amount.
  • Corporate Partnership:

Corporate Partners provide critical support for the YAM’s operations. Moreover, their generous donations help the YAM bring the world of art and culture to thousands are adults, school children and families through exhibitions, YAM collections, art education and special events.Corporate partnership opportunities include: * INVESTOR’S CIRCLE * FOUNDER’S CIRCLE * PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE * MUSEUM CIRCLE * CONTRIBUTOR * COLLECTOR

  • Planned Giving & Gifts to Endowment

Including the YAM in your estate plans is a wonderful way to make a gift with lasting benefits. Join The Legacy Society. The Legacy Society honors those who make a minimum, individual annual contribution of $1,000 or more. The Lifetime Legacy Society designates those who have remembered the Yellowstone Art Museum in their estate plans and are able to make a specific pledge in support of the Yellowstone Art Museum’s Endowment or operational goals. You may also qualify for the Lifetime Legacy Society based on your total, lifetime giving to the YAM.

  • Donor Circles:

Celebrate Someone Special: Birthdays, anniversaries, personal successes, or milestone events are the perfect occasion for making a “Gift in Honor” to a Museum program, such as art education, art conservation support, or new art for the permanent collection. The YAM will notify the celebrant of your kindness.

Remembrance Gift: Honor the memory of one who has passed on with a Remembrance Gift. The YAM will notify family members that this thoughtful and enduring gesture has been made.

Gift of Membership: Share your joy in art by gifting a membership to the Yellowstone Art Museum. Perfect for children, newlyweds and for the person who has everything.

Program Support: Make a gift to a YAM program of your choice.

  • Education Programs – bringing creativity and inspiration to children and adults
  • Collection Conservation & Care – to help us take the best possible care of the priceless objects in our collection
  • The Museum’s Art Purchase Fund – to help expand the YAM’s permanent collection of outstanding regional art
  • The Capital Fund – to maintain and improve our facility keeping it a safe place for the Museum’s collections and a wonderful place for people to visit
  • The Will James Annual Fund – to help preserve the Museum’s collection of art and personal possessions of this great cowboy author and illustrator

Exhibition Sponsorship:

The YAM presents many temporary exhibitions each year, and relies on the generosity of the community to help make these exhibitions possible. Gifts of any amount toward a temporary exhibition will be credited in the YAM’s annual report. Gifts in the amount of $500 and higher are recognized in materials associated with that exhibition and also celebrated in public recognition of the donor and/or company and an invitation to participate in special activities associated with the exhibition

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401 N 27th St, Billings, MT 59101, USA

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