What is a Culturevore?

Culturevore is the title that celebrates your successful transformation from consumer to patron — a person who champions a mission or a cause that advances the “greater good,” thus building a better future.

Simply put, we want you to consciously choose to book your next private event, shop, eat, and make donations to nonprofit institutions and social enterprises that are dedicated stewards of our cultural, natural, and human resources.



Stewardships are the expert custodians of the most prized destinations on earth. Rent them for hosting your special occasions, thus becoming an essential contributor to their sustainability.


Nonprofits and social enterprises have stores and gift shops. Purchasing their unique merchandise provides essential financial support for their beneficial projects, programs, and services.


The stewardship field has a vast array
of eateries. These culinary “finds” feed
both your body and your soul since your
patronage provides vital organizational


Your favorite stewardships offer multiple support opportunities – from volunteering to becoming a philanthropist. “Step-up” and help them accomplish their mission-critical undertakings.


Public charities and private foundations address a basic unmet social, environmental, or financial need. These noble efforts are worthy of your passion, active involvement, and financial generosity.


Commercial “goods and services” providers are indispensable for the success of your next event. Our curated list of “preferred vendors” have comprehensive capabilities. And make your occasions truly incomparable.

How It Works


Choose a category by type and location

Open the door to a dynamic world of nonprofit organizations, institutions, and social enterprises that offer their • unique facilities to rent for hosting all of your events and gatherings • specialty merchandise not found in commercial gift shops • eclectic dining experiences presented in one-of-a-kind settings • multiple donation opportunities that honor your generosity

Get Introduced

We include only the best nonprofit providers, social enterprises, and vendors – all regulated by our expertly-administrated curatorial process. Once you discover the ones that resonate, we directly link you to the web pages dedicated to the information you seek. These pages facilitate your event planning, give overviews of their gift shops, and provide profiles of their eateries and restaurants. Methods for donating directly to them are also detailed. As an exclusive bonus, we identify essential vendors dedicated to making your occasions incomparable.


Become a Culturevore

Your compassionate economic support for the abundant amenities provided by these nonprofits and social enterprises make the world's most cherished resources sustainable and your status as a Culturevore official.

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