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Sloss Furnaces offers much more than a glimpse into our city’s industrial history. It is also a premiere events venue for your: * wedding * corporate function * formal * birthday party * reunion, and * every event in between. With unique rental areas, Sloss Furnaces offers something for everyone. The historic nature of Sloss Furnaces makes for a memorable and unique location for any event. Seven distinctive rental spaces are offered:

  • Water Tower: The Water Tower is the most recognizable symbol for Sloss Furnaces. Standing more than 70 feet tall, the base of the Water Tower provides a spacious area for any event. The base of the Water Tower is perfect for displaying food or showcasing a band.
    • Capacity: Seated – 300 guests
  • Spray Pond: The Spray Pond is the most versatile area that provides a lovely backdrop to any event or festival. The dancing water in the background adds a nice touch to your event.
    • Capacity: Seated – 200 guests
  • Casting Shed: The Casting Shed is complete with a stage and an unobstructed view of the historic 20th century blast furnace.
    • Capacity: Seated – 900 guests
  • Visitor Center – East Room: Our Visitor Center offers a new view of Sloss and of Birmingham. This grand room is perfect for wedding, conventions or corporate parties.
    • Capacity: Seated – 400 guests
  • Visitor Center – West Room: Our Visitor Center offers a new view of Sloss and of Birmingham. This room is for small parties, meetings, or gatherings.
    • Capacity: Seated – 80 guests
  • Visitor Center – Patio: The Patio outside the Visitor Center is a great medium outdoor space for wedding and corporate receptions.
    • Capacity: Seated – 100 guests
  • Visitor Center – Conference Room: The Conference Room inside our Visitor Center is a perfect location for a small meeting. With access to a white board and television screen, have your meeting off-site while viewing the historic Sloss Furnaces.
    • Capacity: Seated – 15 guests

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Help us keep the magic alive by becoming a member of Sloss Furnaces! Members contribute to education programming and the continued preservation of Sloss Furnaces’ historic site ensuring these furnaces will continue to teach and embody our past for generations to come. Be part of a community of people who believe in the importance of understanding and remembering Birmingham’s industrial past and the people who made it possible! Memberships at specified levels are offered: * Student * Runner Cutter * Boiler Maker * Pattern Maker * Iron Pourer * Stove Tender, and * Furnace Keeper.


Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark is a unique museum and educational institution. Our primary mission is to preserve and promote the site to educate and expose visitors to Southern industrial history. Photography fees and donations go directly to education programs. Whether you are a professional or amateur, Sloss Furnaces provides a wonderfully unique setting for photography of any kind.

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