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Located in the heart of downtown Portland and overlooking the historic South Park Blocks, the Oregon Historical Society is a wonderful venue for receptions, award dinners, lectures, seminars, business meetings, holiday parties and birthday celebrations.

  • James F. Miller Pavilion: The Miller Pavilion at the Oregon Historical Society is the perfect setting for after-hours networking events, client appreciation events, and lectures. The space features floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides, with beautiful views of the South Park Blocks, the bell tower of the First Congregational Church, and the iconic Hass mural on the Sovereign Apartments. Add the Park Plaza or featured exhibits to your rental to make the evening truly special!
    • Capacity: Reception – 250 guests; Banquet – 96 guests; Theater – 140 guests
    • 2,200+ square feet
  • Harriet Broughton Bishop Terrace: The Bishop Terrace is our newest outdoor space and features a covered seating area perfect for outdoor receptions and dinners no matter what the Pacific Northwest weather has in store! The covered canopy offers removable side panels for no-stress party planning.
    • Capacity: Reception – 115 guests; Banquet – 58 guests; Theater – 95 guests
    • 1,898 square feet

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Take Home a Piece of History. The Oregon Historical Society has a wide range of items for sale, from books, historic photos, housewares, jewelry, and much more. The Oregon Historical Society Museum Store is the perfect place to shop if you are looking for something uniquely Oregon. Browse * books * historic photos * housewares * jewelry, and * much more, all representing Oregon’s rich history and culture. The Museum Store contains a wide variety of items related to our exhibits, programs, and collections, as well as current and back issues of our journal of record, the Oregon Historical Quarterly. The store also stocks items by Oregon and Pacific Northwest & Native American artists, ranging from * fine art, to * cards, to * gift items and souvenirs. The selection changes regularly so there is always something new to discover at the Museum Store!

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There has never been a better time to become a member of the Oregon Historical Society. Benefits include 10% off merchandise in our Museum Store, and discounts on special events and lectures. Membership starts at $60, and additional discounts are available for students, teachers, seniors and Multnomah County residents. Membership at specified levels is offered: * Student * Individual * Individual (Multnomah County Resident) * Family * Family (Multnomah County Resident) * Contributor * Contributor (Multnomah County Resident) * Grantor * Steward * Business Contributor * Non-Profit Organization * 1898 Society, and * Corporate Heritage Circle.


Make a Gift. Your gift to the Oregon Historical Society helps collect, preserve, and share Oregon’s history. Your donation is tax-deductible and educates current and future generations about our remarkable past. Donations to the “Annual Fund” is encouraged. The Annual Fund supports the daily operations of the Oregon Historical Society.

  • Appreciated Securities or Stock: Charitable gifts of stock are a wonderful way to support the Oregon Historical Society and can potentially provide tremendous tax benefits to you. Check with your tax advisor for details.
  • Matching Gifts: In an effort to support Oregon cultural institutions, the Cultural Trust is offering a tax credit on all matching donations made to the Trust. If you match your donation to OHS, with a donation of the same amount to the Trust before December 31st, you earn a tax credit in the amount of your gift on your State of Oregon tax returns. Unlike a tax deduction which reduces your amount of taxable income, a tax credit actually reduces the amount of tax you owe. Your gift to the Trust costs you nothing! Also, as the Oregon Historical Society is a Cultural Partner of the Trust, your donation will come back to OHS as grant funding for our programs.
  • Planned Giving: A generous way to show your support of the Oregon Historical Society is to become a member of the Oregon Legacy Society. We are fortunate to have many individuals who have shown their commitment by making a planned gift to the Oregon Historical Society, allowing us to further our mission of collecting, preserving, and presenting Oregon history. Thank you for your support of the Oregon Historical Society and for considering an extraordinary gift to history
    • Bequests: A significant way to show your support is to name the Oregon Historical Society in your will or trust. When you name OHS in your will, you can either choose to bequeath a monetary sum, securities, or a percentage of your estate. By making a charitable bequest to OHS, you can take an estate tax deduction of 100%. If you would like to add OHS to your current will or trust, you may add a provision through a codicil or trust amendment that states any changes.
    • Gifts of Retirement Funds: Many retirement plans include the option to bequeath your retirement plan assets, another great opportunity to support the future of the Oregon Historical Society. If retirement assets remain in your estate, your heirs will pay income tax on these assets (in addition to estate taxes). By making a bequest of your retirement assets, you will reduce the value of your estate that is taxed. Assets that are gifted to nonprofits are also free of estate and income tax, which means that more of your gift goes straight to OHS.
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts: Charitable remainder trusts are individual trusts that are generally funded with cash or appreciated property or stock. Remainder annuity trusts distribute a fixed dollar amount of income to one or more beneficiaries either for their lifetime or for a fixed term. Remainder unitrusts distribute a variable amount either for a set term of years or for the lifetimes of the beneficiaries. Income can be distributed as a fixed percentage of trust’s annual value or the net income of the trust. OHS then receives the remainder of the trust assets after the term of the trust ends.
    • Charitable Lead Trusts: A lead trust pays income to the Oregon Historical Society for a number of years or a lifetime and then transfers the remaining assets in the trust back to you or to another individual of your choice. Charitable lead trusts are not tax-exempt trusts, meaning they are subject to the same income and estate tax laws as other non-exempt trusts.
    • Life Insurance: Another opportunity to support OHS is to gift your fully paid life insurance policy, or make OHS the beneficiary of an existing policy. You can also take out a new policy with the Oregon Historical Society as the owner and beneficiary.
    • Retained Life Estates: By gifting your home, vacation home, or other property, you will receive an immediate charitable deduction on your income tax. You will still retain the right to reside in the property as long as you live, and the property will become a gift to the Oregon Historical Society when you no longer need the property.
    • Gift Annuities: An individual makes a contract with a charitable organization through a gift annuity. Through this type of gift, the individual transfers an irrevocable gift of cash or marketable securities to the organization, while the organization is responsible for paying a fixed sum to one of two annuitants each year for the life of the gift.
  • Donate to Collections: Because of generous donations of history from Oregon Historical Society supporters, we have one of the country’s most extensive collections: millions of photographs, 85,000 artifacts, 25,000 maps, 12,000 linear feet of manuscript materials, and 35,000 books. You can help us build this treasured collection. Thanks to the generosity of people such as you, the Oregon Historical Society has built a world class collection of museum and library materials.
  • Car Donation: Is Your Car History? Have a clunker that’s not collectable? Donate your car or boat to support the Oregon Historical Society! Our vehicle donation program makes the process simple, and your gift helps inspire Oregon’s future by educating Oregonians about our history.
  • FORWARD! Campaign: Creating a Future for Oregon’s Past. Serving the Oregon Historical Society’s mission requires strategic investment in our physical and technological infrastructure. To maintain our place among the nation’s greatest historical institutions, we must embrace the latest scholarship, steward strong community relationships, and build a state of the art library that preserves and increases access to our priceless collections. We are moving FORWARD! together by funding three bold and necessary projects — as well as important endowments that ensure our history’s future.
  • The 1898 Society: The contributions of civic-minded Oregonians have enabled us to realize our important mission. In 2005 we established the 1898 Society, an exclusive distinction for those who choose to contribute in excess of $1,000 per year. Named for the year of the Oregon Historical Society‘s incorporation, the 1898 Society recognizes the support of our premier donors and their commitment to the organization’s program and exhibits. In addition to the wealth of benefits your contribution provides the community, your membership in Oregon Historical Society’s most exclusive donor group brings many rewards.
  • Pacific Wonderland License Plate: Buy these Classic Oregon Plates and Help Preserve Oregon History. The classic Pacific Wonderland license plate is reborn! Own this limited edition license plate re-created in honor of Oregon’s 150th birthday. Proceeds from plate sales will be split evenly between the Oregon Historical Society and the Oregon State Capitol Foundation.

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