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The National Music Museum is a “bucket-list” destination for music lovers around the world. Merchandise is catalogued within these collections: * Books * CDs/DVDs * Technical Drawings/Photos * T-Shirts, and * Sale.

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Annual memberships offer great benefits for individuals and families that wish to support the NMM on an annual basis! * Gift memberships are encouraged. Annual memberships at specified levels are offered: * Individual * Family * Smithsonian * Sustaining * Supporting * Founding, and * Steward.

Lifetime membership levels honor significant musical instrument makers whose work figures prominently in the collections of the NMM. Memberships in Lifetime Giving Societies are available at the followings levels for cumulative tax-deductible gifts as indicated. The various levels honor significant musical instrument makers whose work figures prominently in the collections of the NMM. Lifetime membership at specified levels is offered: * The Adolphe Sax Society * The Charles W. Wheatstone Society * The John Franklin Stratton Society * The Franz Schwarzer Society * The Johann Wilhelm Hass Society * The August Grenser Society * The Christian Dieffenbach Society * The Andrea Guarneri Society * The Nannette Stein Streicher SocietyThe Jakob Stainer Society * The Andreas Ruckers Society, and * The Antonio Stradivari Society.


The work of the National Music Museum is supported through a network of generous individuals and businesses across all fifty states and many countries. Whether through a donation, an annual membership, or a planned gift, your investment in us empowers our NMM mission “to explore, enjoy and preserve the world of musical instruments.”

  • Donations are specified amounts are designated or you may customize your gift. Recurring donations are encouraged. Donations can become a special way to honor a loved one’s memory, to celebrate a special occasion, or to acknowledge patronage, such as adopting an instrument.
  • Planned Giving: The Amati Society was created by the Trustees of the National Music Museum to recognize and thank our friends and members who have included the NMM in their estate plans. Membership in the Amati Society is available to those who name the National Music Museum in their estate plans in one or more of the following ways: * Including a bequest for the benefit of the NMM in your will or trust. * Participating in a life income arrangement or a charitable remainder trust * Creating a charitable lead trust for the benefit of the NMM, or * Naming the NMM as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or a life insurance policy.
  • Non-Cash Donations: Persons wishing to donate objects and/or archival materials to the NMM should submit a letter of intent to the NMM at the address listed on the contact page. This letter should include a description of the instrument(s) or archival material (including any specific details that may apply such as maker’s/manufacturers’ names, city of manufacture, model numbers, serial numbers, condition, quantity, and so on) as well as photographs. A description of the previous use and ownership of the instrument(s) and/or archival materials is also requested. The NMM staff requests that potential donors submit this information and wait for confirmation before shipping or bringing items in for possible donation.

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