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The Montshire Museum is the perfect year-round venue for * celebrations * receptions * corporate events * meetings, and * parties, large and small. Renting the Montshire includes three options for exclusive evening use of the Museum’s indoor galleries and engaging exhibits, and 1,800 square-foot Community Room with amenities. From mid-May through September you can add our three-acre Science Park and the Hughes Pavilion.

  • The Anderson Center: The Anderson Center is ideal for business meetings and presentations. This is the only space in the museum that may be booked during museum hours, at the discretion of staff.
    • Capacity: 50 guests
  • First & Second Floor Galleries, including the Anderson Center: Access to all exhibits and amenities on both floors of the Museum and the tower.
  • Outdoor Terrace: A lovely space for a small reception, or allow guests to flow outdoors for fresh air. Exhibits on the terrace include Pollinator Garden, Musical Fence, and Lithophone.
  • Hughes Pavilion: Covered concrete pad serves as a spot for events of all kinds.
  • Full Science Park: All of our exclusive outdoor exhibits including the Rill. Access to all trails. Outdoor engagement for all ages.
  • Rental of All Space Options: The Anderson Center, First and second floor galleries, Outdoor Terrace, Hughes Pavilion, and Full Science Park.

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Bring the Montshire experience home! The Montshire Museum is home to the best collection of science and nature-related items in the Upper Valley. There’s never been a better time for: * Puzzles * Games * Science Kits * Art Supplies, and * Nature Guides. You’ll also find books for adults and children: * jewelry * plush animals, and * much more in the Museum Store. Montshire * gift certificates * passbooks, and * gift memberships also make great gifts. Your purchases support the Montshire and its educational mission. Merchandise is catalogued within these collections: Montshire Program Related * Science Kits * Nature Items * Art Supplies & Kits * Montshire Exhibit Related Books, Calendars, Stationery * Puzzles * Games * Montshire Merch * Dinosaurs * Staff Picks , and * Toys.

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You belong! And your membership support makes a real difference. The Montshire is committed to offering members the best experience possible. A membership at the Montshire is flexible for your family’s needs and a great way to support science education in northern New England. A Montshire membership makes a great gift for family members, friends, and business colleagues. Memberships at specified levels are offered: * Individual * Two-Person * Four-Person * Six-Person * Six-Person Warm Welcome, and * Eight-Person.

Donor-level Memberships: Everyone who contributes more than the selected membership fee is considered a donor to The Montshire Fund. Our donors are very special members who partner with us to make the Museum accessible to the entire community. Memberships at specified levels are offered: Supporting * Contributing * Patron, and * River Society.


Support Science, Support Families, Support Your Community. Science is more important than ever before, and the Montshire Museum of Science plays a vital role in advancing the understanding of and appreciation for science. We need your help to continue cultivating intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and evidence-based decision-making. As a nonprofit community organization, the Montshire relies on charitable contributions from people like you. Your gifts help provide joyful family experiences at the Museum, professional development for teachers, outreach programs for rural communities, and virtual programming for all ages. Your gift will help create exhibits, education programs, and inclusion initiatives.

  • Gifts of Cash or Stock: The Montshire is pleased to accept immediate gifts of cash and stock. Both options offer an income tax deduction.
  • Montshire Business Partnership: The Montshire Business Partnership (MBP) is an ideal way for local businesses to engage with the Museum. Participation in our corporate membership program gives your employees increased access to the Museum, and it shows the community that your company is a valued partner. The Montshire shares your interest in a community that is economically and culturally vibrant. Serving nearly 180,000 visitors annually, Montshire helps foster the quality of life our community needs for a stable and strong workforce. The Montshire Business Partnership is designed to provide your company and employees with valuable benefits. Whether you view your MBP membership as an employee benefit, marketing strategy, or philanthropic contribution, your participation is exceedingly valuable. Thank you for partnering with us to make our community a better place.
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (IRA Rollover): If you are age 70 1/2 or older, you can make a direct transfer from your traditional or Roth IRA without being subject to federal income tax. These withdrawals count toward your minimum distribution requirements for the year of the gift. Contact your IRA administrator to arrange a direct transfer.
  • Legacy Giving: More than forty years ago, the Montshire was brimming with potential but its track record was unproven. Today, the Montshire is a highly respected institution both locally and nationally. Our exhibits and programs are recognized widely for innovation and efficacy, and the Museum’s finances are on solid ground. A number of families have chosen to invest in the Montshire’s future with a legacy gift. These gifts, often in support of the Montshire’s endowment, help ensure the Museum’s ability to provide meaningful exhibits and programs for the generations to come.
    • Bequests: Donors of all ages and means can include a gift to the Montshire in their wills. Bequests of all sizes help ensure the Museum’s future. Bequests can be included in the body of your will, or in a simple, inexpensive codicil added to your existing will. Bequests can be written to leave a specific amount to the Montshire, a percentage of your estate, or the residue of your estate after all other commitments have been satisfied.
    • Life Insurance Policies: An insurance policy can be used to make a significant gift to the Montshire and provide a variety of tax benefits. Transferring ownership of a policy provides an immediate tax deduction, while naming the Montshire as a partial or sole beneficiary may result in an estate tax deduction. Often, adding a beneficiary to a life insurance policy can be a simple and inexpensive way to make a legacy gift.
    • Life Income Gifts: There are a number of ways to commit your funds or assets to a future philanthropic purpose, while receiving income during your or your spouse’s lifetime. Through gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts, funds are irrevocably transferred to the Montshire or another trustee to be managed for a period of years or until your or your beneficiary’s death. In exchange, you receive income and a variety of tax benefits.
    • Charitable Gift Annuities: A gift annuity is similar to an annuity that you purchase from an insurance company in that it provides a predictable stream of income in return for your investment. Gift annuities allow you to make a contribution to the Montshire and then receive a fixed annual income from the gift during your life and/or your spouse’s life. The older you are when the annuity is established, the higher the rate offered. Upon the death of the annuitant, the remaining principal becomes available to the Montshire for educational programs and exhibits.
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRT): A CRT can be established with cash, appreciated securities, real estate, or other marketable assets. Managed by a trustee of your choice, the CRT enables you to make a contribution to the Montshire while you receive lifetime annual payments based on the trust’s value each year or a fixed percentage of the amount you contribute. You also receive significant tax benefits. When the trust terminates, the remainder comes to the Museum.
    • Charitable Lead Trusts: Unlike life income gifts, charitable lead trusts provide immediate funding for science education at Montshire. With this type of instrument, you contribute assets to a trust and establish an amount or fixed percentage to be paid to the Montshire for a designated period of time, or for the life of designated individuals. At the end of this period, the trust is terminated and the property is either returned to you or distributed to named beneficiaries without being subject to further estate or gift tax. As a result, charitable lead trusts allow you to leave property to heirs, while reducing gift and estate taxes, and providing income to the Montshire today.
    • Retirement Plan Beneficiary: Perhaps the simplest way to make a legacy gift is to add the Montshire Museum of Science as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or IRA. All you need is a “beneficiary change form” from your plan administrator. Many plans will allow you to add a new beneficiary online.
    • Non-Cash Contributions: The Montshire may accept gifts of tangible personal property when the items are useful to the Museum or may be sold readily. Under the right circumstances, the Montshire will also accept real estate, including a remainder interest that reserves the right of occupancy for you and your spouse for life. The Montshire now accepts vehicle donations.
  • Endowment Gifts: The Montshire Museum of Science has an endowment of approximately $6.5 million that provides a stream of annual revenue to support Montshire exhibits and programs. Growing the endowment is a strategic priority of the Museum’s leadership because a stronger financial foundation will empower the Museum to advance science education, while achieving greater long-term stability. Annual income withdrawn from the endowment is determined by an endowment spending formula approved by the Montshire’s Board of Trustees and Investment Committee. Endowment gifts of all levels are welcome and sincerely appreciated. Unrestricted gifts support the most pressing priorities.
  • Non-Cash Contributions: The Montshire may accept gifts of tangible personal property when the items are useful to the Museum or may be sold readily. Under the right circumstances, the Montshire will also accept real estate.
  • Donate Your Vehicle: Your unused vehicle could help advance the Montshire’s mission!

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