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PerformanceMeetingSeminarReceptionSpecial Event? — Nine diverse facilities are offered:

  • Yokouchi Pavilion: The complex features a concert stage under a glass-capped roof, bistro dining in a covered courtyard, built-in beverage bars, catering. preparation kitchen and second floor gathering hall. Seated capacity varies according to set-up; general admission up to 1,500.
  • Castle Theater: State-of-the-art indoor theater. Capacities: 1,185* basic seating; 1,115 without thrust; maximum 1,297 w/SRO.
  • Alexander & Baldwin Amphitheater: Flexible outdoor performance & festival space. 5,500 capacity* general admission; seated capacity varies with set-up.
  • McCoy Studio Theater: Multi-purpose 251-seat* intimate indoor theater; capacity up to 301 with side seating.
  • Community Events Lawn: Multi-purpose & flexible set-up outdoor venue; general admission capacity up to 4,000.
  • Schaefer International Gallery: 4,100-square foot museum-quality gallery.
  • : Dedicated to hula and Hawaiian cultural practices.
  • Omori Dance Studios for rehearsals and classes.
  • Classroom and Meeting Room space for community groups and businesses.

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As an EATERY: Food for thought…

Dining and beverage options abound at Maui Arts & Cultural Center!

We offer a full-service bar (including hot drinks) and select dining menus in Yokouchi Founders Court before almost every show in the Castle Theater, with services extending through intermissions. We also offer bar selections and select dining menus in McCoy Courtyard before many shows in the McCoy Studio Theater.

Food selections at the MACC are catered in by some of Maui’s finest restaurants, chefs and caterers. Extend your entertainment experience by meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks PreShow …have some coffee and dessert at Intermission …and even linger a bit longer after a concert when AfterGlow is offered! Each show is customized, and will have different menus and offerings

For concerts and other events in the A & B Amphitheater, we offer a wide range of snacks and meals from various specialty enterprises – including popular food trucks! We will also offer a variety of beverage and dessert options.

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We believe in the power of the arts to build and transform community. Our members are integral in making this possible. Mahalo to all our members – past and current – for all YOU have done and for believing in the Maui Arts & Cultural Center! Memberships at specified levels are offered: * ‘Ilima * Ōhi‘a * Kukui * Silversword * Maile * Naupaka * Koa * Sandalwood, and * Kauila. 


Maui Arts & Cultural Center is supported by the generosity of people like YOU! Ticket prices and facility fees cover only a nominal portion of the costs to operate and maintain MACC, the organization and our facilities. Every donation, no matter how big or small, helps the organization overall. Your support is vital to the MACC, allowing us continue to be a vibrant part of the Maui community, bringing world-class entertainment to our backyard, experiencing Hawai‘i’s culture in many forms, enjoying fine arts and educating youth through the arts.

  • The Annual Fund: Every donation made to The MACC helps support our year-round programming, including arts education in our schools, Hawaiian cultural programs and events, and visual art exhibitions. Specified amounts are designated or you may give an amount of your choice.
  • Special Events: Proceeds from Maui Arts & Cultural Center‘s fundraiser special events – Maui CallsPundy Yokouchi Memorial Golf Tournament, and the Maui Brewers Festival – help support our arts, cultural, community, and educational programs. Share in the spirit of giving with friends at these fun events! Event or sponsorship inquiries are encouraged.
  • Planned Giving: Create a lasting legacy by making a planned gift to the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. We invite you to become a member of our Kalo Club, a group of special donors that have included the MACC in their planned giving. Your gift makes a significant difference and ensures the MACC is thriving now and in the future. There are numerous ways to make a difference and support the MACC through a planned gift. The examples below are a few options to consider. You are encouraged to consult your own legal, accounting and other professional advisors to determine the best possible way to achieve your philanthropic goals.
    • Bequests/Giving Through Your Will: You may make a bequest to MACC by preparing a new will or adding a codicil amending an existing one. A bequest is not subject to federal or state estate or inheritance taxes and is, in fact, deductible in calculating the taxable estate. There is no limit to the amount of that deduction.
    • Gifts of Life Insurance You can name MACC as a beneficiary of all or part of the proceeds from a life insurance policy. Or, you can give a paid-up policy, a new policy, or a policy on which you are still paying naming MACC as sole owner and beneficiary and take a deduction for the “present value” of the policy (approximately the cash surrender value or the cost basis, whichever is less). In these instances, you diminish your estate and inheritance taxes by distributing part of your net worth during your lifetime.
    • Charitable Lead Trusts: Charitable lead trusts are an attractive method that allows you to leave property to your heirs, reduce gift and estate tax costs, and provide income to MACC. To create a charitable lead trust, you contribute assets to a trust and set an amount or a fixed percentage, which is then paid to MACC for a designated period of time. At the end of this time period, the trust is dissolved and the property is either returned to you or distributed to named beneficiaries, thereby removing these assets from your estate.
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts: Charitable remainder trusts enable you to contribute to the future of MACC, retain lifetime annual payments, and generate significant tax benefits. You make an irrevocable gift to MACC and set an amount or fixed percentage that is then paid to you, providing life income for yourself and a survivor. For an annuity trust, the amount is set when the trust is created, either as a fixed percentage or a set dollar amount of the then fair market value of the trust assets. For a unitrust, the amount is a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets as determined annually.
    • Gifts of Tangible Personal Property: Gifts of tangible personal property that are useful to MACC, including real estate, can offer an immediate tax deduction and, if qualified as a long-term capital asset (held for a year and a day), offer avoidance of capital gains tax, removal of the asset from your estate, and, if appropriate, elimination of maintenance costs of the property. Valuation for income tax purposes may require that you obtain an independent appraisal. The deduction is limited to 30% of adjusted gross income. Excess beyond 30% can be carried forward for five additional years.
  • Business Support: Business partnerships with the Maui Arts & Cultural Center offer meaningful opportunities for local businesses, as well as national brands, to gain recognition for generous gestures. Your business support can be offered through sponsoring a specific event or program that aligns with your target audience, or through general support that helps make our 1,500 annual events possible for the community. The MACC collaborates with each partner to create a personalized benefit package that includes special membership opportunities as well as recognition that supports your marketing goals. Take your step towards cultural engagement on Maui by joining our ‘ohana of philanthropic businesses that give to the MACC.
  • Donate to the Community: Not interested in membership, but passionate about our programs? We welcome donations in any amount, which will benefit our annual programming for arts education, fine art exhibits, perpetuation of Hawaiian culture, free community festivals and outreach programs.

Volunteer: Volunteers are essential to the operation of Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Not only does their work contribute to patron safety and enjoyment of the performances but also enhances the bottom-line of our nonprofit organization, allowing us to offer affordable ticket pricing and free events for the community. Hundreds of volunteers help the MACC in a variety of areas, including: * Arts EducationExhibitsDevelopment * Marketing * Administration * Operations and * Special Events.

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