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Fractured Atlas provides tools and guidance so that artists can thrive, fully. We are about our business so that we can guide you in being about yours.

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Fractured Atlas‘s mission is to make the journey from inspiration to living practice more accessible and equitable for artists and creatives.

We help individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, in every creative medium by providing fundraising tools, educational resources, and personalized support. That means artists can devote their effort to doing what they do best — making art that matters to them and the world. We are based in New York but our influence is national — even global, with international members. Our vision is to create a world where all artists have the tools they need to make their creative dreams a reality.


Our members are our community: our resources are made for them. The fastest way to get access to the tools you need is to become a member. And you’re in control of the number of people you want managing your membership – pay only for the administrators you need. Simply create your account, choose your level of membership, and get started.


Support the Art of Progress! Fractured Atlas helps individual artists and arts organizations through our core program: fiscal sponsorship. We also provides educational resources and personalized support. We provide tools and guidance so that artists can thrive, fully. Your donation to Fractured Atlas will allow us to empower even more artists who are doing daring, provocative, informative, challenging beautiful work. Work that is made possible because of our tools, services, and resources. When you give to Fractured Atlas, you are expanding the scope of what is possible. You are igniting the art of progress and nourishing a diverse cultural landscape.

Give today, in the name of an artist you love or in the name of art as a whole. Support us so that we can continue to make it happen for artists everywhere. (Please note, you are supporting Fractured Atlas‘s general fund to support our operations.) If you would like to give to a specific fiscally sponsored project, please search for the project on the Fractured Atlas Website. Amounts for both are specified or you may give what you can. You may give One-Time or Monthly.

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