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Bring Home a Piece of Fort Ticonderoga. The Fort Ticonderoga Museum Store offers a wide variety of specialty products for children, youths, and adults and is considered the best history book store in the region. There is no better way to end your Fort Ticonderoga visit than by browsing through our Museum store and taking your epic historical experience home with you with a unique piece of memorabilia. Enjoy fabulous gifts for yourself and others and support America’s Fort! All proceeds support Fort Ticonderoga’s mission to ensure that present and future generations learn from the struggles, sacrifices and victories that shaped the nations of North America and changed world history. Merchandise is catalogued within these collections: Merchandise is catalogued in the following: Bools & Media * Fashion & Accessories * Food & Drink * Gifts for the Home * Souvenirs & Collectables, and * Toys & Games.

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At Fort Ticonderoga, dining is an experience within an experience. Enjoy sweeping views of Lake Champlain and Mount Defiance in America’s Fort Café while you savor farm-to-fork locally sourced food and beverages. A full menu including * appetizers * sandwiches * salads, and * desserts are also available for take-out for a memorable picnic. Convenient and healthy * Grab & Go options are also available at the Museum Store for additional lunch options and a snack to fuel your historic experience.

  • America’s Fort Café: Nestled on a cliff overlooking Lake Champlain with views of Mount Defiance, America’s Fort Café located in Fort Ticonderoga’s historic Log House is the perfect place to relax, refuel and savor locavore dining in a cozy Adirondack-style atmosphere. From regionally inspired appetizers including poutine featuring Vermont fresh cheese curds, to fresh salads sourced in our very own King’s Garden, to a variety of delicious sandwiches, homemade desserts, and regional beer and wines, America’s Fort Café dining is an experience within your Fort Ticonderoga experience!
  • Farm to Fork: Today, our farm to fork program is embedded in the deep roots of the Ticonderoga peninsula’s history. 40% of the 2000 acres owned by the Fort Ticonderoga Association is farmland. In the King’s Garden area of the site produce is grown to support educational programs. Museum staff utilize the farmed items to create their noonday meal based on historical documentation found in our museum collection. This program is available to 75,000 visitors annually. More than 25,000 youth annually roll up their sleeves to dig into the centuries of horticulture history and learn how the vegetables grown in the King’s Garden supported dietary needs of the soldiers.
  • Grab & Go: Are you ready to refuel to continue your perfect adventure at Fort Ticonderoga? Our Grab & Go options at the Museum Store in the Log House Welcome Center is the place to pick up freshly prepared salads, regionally feature snacks, fruit, desserts, sandwiches, and other items on the go.
  • Have a Picnic: Have an Unforgettable Picnic at One of the World’s Most Historic and Scenic sites. Relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Fort Ticonderoga. Picnic areas are plentiful and diverse for whatever atmosphere you want. Pick up a sandwich from our Grab & Go, order a meal from the America’s Fort Café, or bring your packed lunch and enjoy picnic locations near the Log House Welcome Center and in the King’s Garden. Insider Tip: Mount Defiance is a stunning location for a picnic lunch at the mountain top Pavilion offering breathtaking views of the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain and ample picnic tables for you and your family and friends to spread out and enjoy an unforgettable lunch together!

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Now is the time to enlist or to re-enlist! Enjoy the benefits of joining Fort Ticonderoga‘s Membership program and supporting America’s Fort! Join Fort Ticonderoga’s Membership program and support our mission to preserve, educate, and provoke active discussion about the past and its importance to present and future generations. We foster an on-going dialogue surrounding citizens, soldiers, and nations through America’s military heritage. Your Membership will bring you the adventure of discovery each time you visit the site, while supporting new exhibits, innovative programming and preservation of the buildings, collections, and landscape. Membership at specified levels is offered: Sentinel * Corporal * Sergeant * Ensign * Lieutenant * Captain * Major, and * Colonel.


Your generous donation makes a difference. Fort Ticonderoga is owned and operated by The Fort Ticonderoga Association, a 501(c)3 educational organization. Thanks to generous support from donors across the United States and beyond, Fort Ticonderoga is able to serve its mission to “preserve, educate and provoke an active discussion about the past and its importance to present and future generations.” We foster an on-going dialogue about citizens, soldiers, and nations through America’s military heritage. Fort Ticonderoga is a cultural and historic touchstone. Your support helps us safeguard this national treasure for years to come.

  • Annual Fund: Every gift makes a difference…Support the Fort Ticonderoga Annual Fund today! The Fort Ticonderoga Annual Fund supports the everyday operations of Fort Ticonderoga. Generous unrestricted financial contributions from individuals like you enable us to engage and excite the public about our epic story and its relevance today. Support of the Fort Ticonderoga Annual Fund makes possible all areas of our operations and allows us to offer engaging programs, special events, beautiful gardens, stunning exhibits, hands-on workshops and many more preservation and educational opportunities!
  • Endowment: One of the most valuable ways you can support Fort Ticonderoga is through a gift to our unrestricted endowment. Your funds will help with the preservation of our historic buildings, 2000 acre landscape, innovative programs, interpretive initiatives, new exhibits, and gardens. It supports our mission and everything we do to serve our mission. If a particular aspect of Fort Ticonderoga appeals to you, it is also possible to establish a restricted endowment for that purpose.
  • Corporate & Foundation Giving: Partnering with Fort Ticonderoga helps sustain the health and economic vitality of this national treasure and all the communities it serves. More than 75,000 people visit Fort Ticonderoga annually. Field trips, classroom outreach, youth adventure programs, workshops, and teacher education serve more than 26,000 children annually. Fort Ticonderoga values your support and looks forward to adding value to your organization or business through various corporate sponsorship opportunities and foundation giving! Benefits of corporate sponsorship and foundation giving may include guest passes for your employees, recognition in our digital and print material and public relations announcements.
  • Special Gift Opportunities: Strategic projects are identified.

Volunteer: Become a Volunteer! We have volunteer opportunities to fit every interest and schedule! There are many ways you can help Fort Ticonderoga continue its mission of education and preservation. Volunteering at Fort Ticonderoga offers you the opportunity to become active in the community, meet fascinating people from around the world, and help keep Fort Ticonderoga a beautiful and exciting place to visit. From planting flowers in the King’s Garden to transcribing original documents, there is a fun and rewarding experience waiting for you. Volunteer opportunities are available in both the Fort and the King’s Garden. Whether you can assist for an hour, a day, or on a regular basis, motivated individuals are needed for daily activities and special events such as reenactments, conferences, and festivals. We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that are mutually beneficial to you and the museum. Fort Ticonderoga also offers benefits depending on the number of hours a volunteer accumulates in appreciation for continued service.

Junior Fifes & Drums: The Junior Fifes & Drums of Fort Ticonderoga are comprised of student volunteers in grades 6-12 who have a passion for music and history. This is an opportunity to build 18th-century musical performance skills and learn 18th-century trades with no experience required. Fort Ticonderoga offers free instruction on fife, drum, marching, and reading music as well as training in areas such as tailoring, shoemaking, carpentry, maritime trades, public speaking, and gardening. Members of the Junior Fifes & Drums will have the opportunity to participate in parades and special events, practice and perform with the Senior Fifes & Drums, as well as experience the rich history of Fort Ticonderoga.

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