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Members enjoy unlimited access to the museum’s awesome exhibits, playful programs, and free daily programming. Memberships at specified levels are offered: * Family * Family Plus Parking * Explorer * Explorer Plus Parking * Builder (Donor Membership) * Builder Plus Parking (Donor Membership) * Inventor (Donor Membership), and * Inventor Plus Parking (Donor Membership).

Gift Memberships: A Chicago Children’s Museum gift membership is the ultimate gift for parents, caregivers, and the little ones in their lives. It’s play that kids love with quality learning experiences that grownups can feel great about.


Now, more than ever, children need a safe and inspiring place to stretch their imaginations, test their skills, and make connections with a broader world of ideas, people, and experiences. Chicago Children’s Museum is that place. The museum also serves as a leader in our community, spearheading partnerships with parents, caregivers, educators, and other organizations to improve the learning lives of children throughout Chicago. Your support helps Chicago Children’s Museum remain accessible to all children and families, especially those with limited financial resources.

  • Impact Levels: Donations at specified amounts are designated or you may customize your gift. Levels are assigned to specified operations:
    • Buy a month of Pritzker Playspace supplies: $250
    • Furnishes four new hand sanitizing stations: $500
    • Support COVID-friendly daily modifications in exhibits: $750
    • Underwrites UV Air Sanitation System: $1,000
    • Keep our electricity on in the museum for one week: $2,500
    • Fund one week of cleaning service: $5,000
  • Tribute Donations: These donations offer a unique opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Honor the memory of loved ones * Recognize individual achievement * Celebrate an occasion, or * Recognize an individual, club or business.
  • Corporate Giving: Chicago Children’s Museum’s corporate partners enable the museum to advance innovative ideas and experiences that make a meaningful difference in the lives of children, families, and educators. Corporations in multiple sectors have helped make Chicago Children’s Museum a leader in our field. Show your company’s commitment to children and families by partnering with us. Find out how your company can partner with Chicago Children’s Museum to create a community where play and learning connect for all children and families. We offer partnership opportunities at a range of levels customized to meet your priorities:
    • Corporate Memberships: CCM’s corporate members support the museum’s programs and experiences and receive unique company and employee benefits.
    • Corporate Sponsorships: CCM offers customizable exhibit, program, and event sponsorships that provide significant exposure and community engagement.
    • Corporate and Group Volunteer Opportunities: Looking for employee engagement opportunities? Lend a hand at Chicago Children’s Museum, and make an important difference to the thousands of children and families who visit each year.

Yearly Galas: Please consider making a donation to support the museum’s general operations and underwrite significant access and engagement programs – both in the museum and within our communities, offering all of Chicago’s children millions of unique ways to play, explore, and learn. Sponsorships in specified amounts are offered or you may customize your gift.

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