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We are an international, faith-based NGO providing long-term, co-operative, medical and development aid to communities affected by poverty and unequal access to healthcare.

For over a century, we have worked to strengthen and support communities through healthcare programs and initiatives, the distribution of medicines and medical supplies, and the placement of volunteers.

As part of our global strategic platform, we focus on women’s and children’s health. With partners, we are delivering sustainable health services in targeted communities within Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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Access to quality healthcare is a basic human right. Catholic Medical Mission Board partners globally to build locally sustainable systems to give all people what they need to reach their full potential for health. Our demonstrated commitment to women’s and children’s health includes clinical expertise, non-clinical health services, medical donations, and skilled medical volunteers. Together, we have the capacity to improve the lives of women and children in the poorest communities, where a lack of basic healthcare means needless suffering from preventable diseases and shortened lives.


  • Donations at specified amounts are designated or you may customize your gift amount. You may choose to Give: * Once, or * Monthly.
  • Angel Investor Program: Our Angel Investor Program is a real one-to-one direct giving experience. We offer you the opportunity to connect with a human living in extreme poverty and help alleviate their suffering by providing access to their most urgent needs like food, clean water, health care, and/or education. Donation amounts are linked to need.
    • Education – $30 a month:  Your gift provides an angel with access to education, by covering school related costs like tuition, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and examination fees.
    • Healthcare – $45 a month: Your gift provides an angel with access to transportation to and from the health facility when required, quality healthcare, medication as needed, and regular visits from community health workers.
    • Food and water – $80 a month: Your gift ensures a reliable source of nutritious food and access to clean water for your angel.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Long-established relationships with partners across private, public, and government sectors maximize impact as we work together toward shared goals. Our 100+ year history, financial transparency, and excellent reputation strengthen all our partnerships, including those with host governments and Ministries of Health.
    • Medical Donations Program: Support from leading pharmaceutical and medical supply companies deploy critical supplies and medications where they are needed the most.
    • Children And Mothers Partnerships (CHAMPS): Global goals and partnerships with leading aid and humanitarian institutions including the UN, USAID, and the Global Fund further our impact.
  • Planned Giving:
    • Beneficiary Designation Gifts: You can designate us as a beneficiary of a retirement, investment or bank account or your life insurance policy.
    • Charitable Gift Annuity: In return for your investment in a charitable gift annuity, CMMB guarantees you a fixed annuity for life. You transfer your cash or appreciated property to our organization in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed payments (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life.
    • Donor Advised Funds: You fund a DAF and make charitable gift recommendations during your lifetime. When you pass away, your children can carry on your legacy of giving.
    • Life Estate Reserved: You give your property to our organization but retain the right to use the property during your life.
    • Charitable Bequest: A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust. It is one of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support our mission. You designate our organization as the beneficiary of your asset by will, trust or beneficiary designation form.
    • Charitable Trust: With a charitable trust you, the grantor, transfers ownership and management of cash and/or appreciated securities to a trustee.
    • IRA Rollover: An IRA rollover allows people age 70½ and older to reduce their taxable income by making a gift directly from their IRA. Congress has enacted a permanent IRA charitable rollover. As a result you can make an IRA rollover gift this year and in future years.
  • Tribute Gifts: Make a Life-Changing Gift in Honor of Someone. Make a life-changing gift to mothers and children living in extreme poverty in the name of a family member or loved one. When you make your donation, you will be able to give the name and email address of the person (or their surviving family) in whose name you are giving it. They will receive a special email letting them know about the gift that includes beautiful images from our work in the field.
  • Matching Gifts: Does doubling or even tripling your donation to CMMB – at no cost to you – sound appealing? Your employer’s matching gift program is a great way to do just that! Many corporations are prepared to match every donation made by their employees to designated charities, dollar-for-dollar. If you work for a corporation with a matching gift program, the good that you do with your own donation is automatically multiplied when you make that gift in combination with your company program. Check with your employer’s human resources department to see if they have a matching gift program. If they do, complete your company’s matching gift form and mail it to CMMB with your gift, we will do the rest!
  • AmazonSmile: What if you could make a difference with your online shopping? AmazonSmile helps you do just that. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate a percentage of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to CMMB.
  • Stock Gifts: Make an impact investment through a gift of stock. CMMB accepts donations in the form of stock, government (including municipal) debt and corporate debt through the Depository Trust Company (DTC). For security, settlement and reduced paperwork, electronic transfer through the DTC is preferred. This can be arranged from most brokerage accounts.

Volunteer: We know that improved health means improved lives. Volunteers have an opportunity to strengthen and support communities through healthcare programs and other initiatives while building a longstanding legacy. Choosing to volunteer is a life-changing decision. While the rewards are rich, volunteering requires research and preparation before your field placement or remote volunteering project. We love what we do, but we can’t do it alone.

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