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Book your event today! Located in the heart of Orange County, the elegant Bowers Museum offers convenience and an attentive staff to create the perfect setting for a wide array of special occasions. Whether you are planning: a company holiday party * a wedding ceremony and elegant reception * a formal dinner * a casual banquet, or a * business meeting, Bowers Museum is the place for you! Five distinctive rental spaces are offered:

  • Margaret & Cleo Key Courtyard: A romantic fountain and colorful flowers year-round make this historic garden courtyard an ideal setting for a romantic wedding. This historic early-California garden area is perfect for corporate functions, galas, fundraisers, or any event that wants to utilize a dramatic outdoor setting
  • Historic Balcony: This covered outdoor space overlooking the beautiful Key Courtyard is an ideal location for intimate receptions and bridal showers. It is also an ideal location for small cocktail receptions or luncheons. Great combined event space with the adjacent Fluor Family Gallery or Key Courtyard.
  • Sculpture Garden: This intimate sculpture garden with gorgeous lighting and beautiful fountains is the perfect location for a small reception and a nice companion to the John M. Lee Court.
  • John M. Lee Court: Floor to ceiling windows frame a gorgeous garden with elegant sculptures and fountains. Versatile space works well for presentations, receptions, dinners and more.
  • Fluor Family Gallery: Surround your guests with the Bowers Plein Air collection, in this intimate setting ideal for luncheons, group presentations, and even small dinners. Great combined event space with the adjacent Historic Balcony

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As a SHOPDiscover unique gifts…

A visit to the Bowers Museum Gallery Store is more than just a shopping trip; it’s a cultural experience. We are pleased to offer in our online store a distinctive and creative selection of merchandise. All proceeds from your purchase support the exhibitions, educational programs, and artistic preservation efforts of the Museum. Merchandise is catalogued within these collections: * Exhibition Related * Holiday * Books * Jewelry * Wearables * Living, and * Kids.

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As an EATERYFood for thought…

Tangata Restaurant (or “mankind” in the tribal Maori language of New Zealand) features modern décor enclosed by glass walls, a ceiling framed with stuccoed beams, and large windows to allow ambient light to illuminate the main dining area. Located in the Bowers Museum‘s Mission-style courtyard, the restaurant dedicates half of its seating to alfresco dining on two large patio areas. The patios and courtyard are perfect for romantic weddings or evening receptions. Tangata is open for lunch Tuesday through Sunday, with a diverse menu of Pacific Rim-inspired cuisine. In addition to an array of appetizers and main courses, Tangata Restaurant offers a tantalizing selection of desserts and a sophisticated drink menu.

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The Bowers Museum greatly values our Members, whose generosity has made so many thrilling world-class exhibitions and programs possible through the years. Memberships at specified levels are offered: * Student * Senior * Individual * Dual – Adult * Dual – Students/Teachers/Seniors * Family * Contributor * Patron * Fellow, and * President’s Circle.


Support The Bowers: Your generous gift will ensure that the Bowers Museum can continue to serve our community.

  • Appreciated Securities: You can donate shares of stocks or mutual funds to the Bowers Museum.
  • Make A Pledge: Pledge to make a gift to the Bowers Museum when it’s convenient for you.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Corporate sponsorships provide a wonderful source of support for the Bowers Museum core programs, while offering sponsors visibility, hospitality benefits, and a powerful association with one of southern California’s most innovative museums enriching lives through the world’s finest arts and cultures. The Bowers Museum greatly appreciates the generous support it receives from all its sponsors, donors and members. We encourage you to give back to the companies that have supported the Bowers mission to enrich lives through the world’s finest arts and cultures. Sponsorship of the Bowers’ exhibitions, programs, and events provides the donor with a platform to increase visibility and reach the community
  • Kennedy Legacy Circle: This is your opportunity to make a difference in our community and leave a legacy. The Bowers is happy to recognize individuals who make a charitable gift through planned giving of bequest, charitable gift annuity, charitable trust, will, estate or endowment.
    • Bequest and Wills: A bequest is a gift made through your will or trust. A Bequest is the simplest type of planned gift for you to make and one of the easiest to implement.
    • Life Estate Reserved: You give your property to the Bowers Museum but retain the right to use the property during your life.
    • Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA): You make a gift of cash or property to us in exchange for our promise to pay you fixed income (with rates based on your age) for the rest of your life.
    • Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT): You transfer your cash or property to fund a trust that makes payments for your lifetime or a number of years and then passes what remains to the Bowers Museum.
    • Gift of Life Insurance: The gift of life insurance can be made by simply naming us as the beneficiary of your policy. Your life insurance proceeds will help further our good work and your estate will benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction based on the value of the proceeds paid. Making a donation through a paid-up life insurance policy is an excellent way to give a large gift —larger than you ever thought possible.
    • Charitable Lead Trust (CLT): You transfer your cash or property to a trust that makes payment over years and then passes the trust property to your family with no additional tax.
    • Retirement Assets: Distribution from retirement plans, such as pension plan, IRA and 401(k) plans are typically taxed as ordinary income to your named beneficiaries. They may be ideal assets to contribute to our organization, which is tax-exempt. You can name the Bowers Museum as a primary or contingent beneficiary.
  • Affiliate Councils: Museum Councils are special interest groups that support the museum and its programs through fundraising, volunteering and/or providing educational programs. The Bowers Affiliate Councils (BAC) meets as a group once a quarter to share activities and discuss strategies for supporting upcoming museum educational programming and exhibitions.

Volunteer: Opportunities range from assisting with art project preparations and execution for our monthly festivals to conducting onsite surveys and helping with mailing assembly. Volunteer applications are accepted year round and positions are appointed as needed.

Internship Program: Thank you for your interest in joining the Bowers Museum Internship Program! Our goal is to collaborate with talented students from our neighboring colleges and universities to provide an invaluable hands-on complement to their academic experience. The Bowers Museum offers an array of internship opportunities for students of all disciplines.

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