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Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation has a variety of programs designed to connect the people and animals who need each other.

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If you are looking for a place to hold your next social or business gathering, Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) has a variety of spaces available for rent to the general public. Whether you’re looking to train, teach, brainstorm, or socialize, consider renting space at ARF‘s campus. We’ve hosted a myriad of gatherings, including business events, family get-togethers, canine birthday celebrations, and even weddings. Our beautiful campus is family-oriented in a park-like setting where people of all ages can enjoy positive interactions with animals. Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, ARF is a privately funded 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization supported by donors in all 50 states and internationally.

Facility Rentals include:

The Nestlé Purina Dog Training Pavilion is a 50’ x 60’ multipurpose room located behind our adoption center.

  • ¾ inch rubber flooring (easy clean-up)
  • Max capacity of 200 people or 50 people with dogs
  • Convenient restroom access
  • Open from 9 am to 7 pm

Our Courtyard is an approximately 80’ x 20’ located between the adoption center and Nestlé Purina Dog Training Pavilion.

  • Supplement to training pavilion rental only and mandatory for dog events in the Pavilion
  • Max capacity of 25 people or 10 people with dogs
  • Open from 9 am to 7 pm

The Training Field is a 5,864 square foot, outdoor field, divided into three fenced-in sections.

  • Durable, synthetic turf
  • Max capacity of 165 people or 40 people with dogs
  • Open from 9 am to 7 pm

The Full Training Complex: Training Pavilion, Training Field, and Courtyard are available as a package deal.

The People Connect Classroom is a 28’ x 27’ room that serves as the home of our humane education programs.

  • Wall-mounted whiteboard
  • Access to a private, outdoor, 800-square-foot courtyard
  • Convenient restroom access
  • Open from 9 am to 7 pm

The Presentation Room is a 24’ x 20’ room functioning as a meeting or presentation space.

  • Wall-mounted whiteboard
  • Access to a private, outdoor, 600-square-foot courtyard
  • Convenient restroom access
  • Open from 9 am to 7 pm

The Boardroom is an 18’ x 26’ room for private discussion, meetings, and presentations.

  • Wall-mounted flat-screen television
  • Large table that seats 18 people
  • Access to a private, outdoor, 600 square foot courtyard
  • Open from 9 am to 5 pm, on weekends only

The Lesher Foundation Community Hall is our large adoption lobby in the center of our facility.

  • Space to accommodate 150 seated guests
  • Convenient restroom access
  • Open from 9 am to 7 pm

A portion of ARF’s Parking Lot is available for rental for outdoor events.

  • Approximately 100 spots (rows 2-4)
  • Restroom access in main ARF facility
  • Available from 8 am to 5 pm, on weekends only
  • Weather-permitting

Additional Equipment:

  • Canine Agility Equipment:
    We can supply everything needed for a full canine agility course: tunnels, jumps, weave poles, a-frame, hi-plank, tire, table, and station numbers. Equipment is rented as a supplement to the pavilion or training field only. The rate applies to one or all pieces of agility equipment, for one hour.
  • Chairs:
    Chairs are for indoor use only, check for availability and up to 20 are made available at no charge with your facility rental. The rate is for an entire day of use.
  • Tables:
    Available tables measure at 6 feet long, are for indoor use only, and up to three are made available at no charge with your facility rental. The rate is for an entire day of use. Check for availability.
  • A/V Equipment:
    A/V equipment rentals include a television monitor, VCR, and DVD player. They are for indoor use only. The rate is for an entire day of use. Check for availability.
  • Kitchen Access:
    The kitchen in our staff lounge can be accessed for food storage and heating purposes only. The rate is for an entire day of use.

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As a SHOP: Discover unique gifts…

People Rescuing Animals … Animals Rescuing People.®

  • Lou Russa’s Boutique: Located conveniently in the heart of ARF‘s adoption center, Lou Russa’s Boutique has all the basics, bells, and whistles for those with discriminating taste – on two or four legs! Knowledgable staff will help you find everything you need for your new pet before you leave, so you don’t have to make another stop. With the lowest prices of any pet store in the area, all proceeds benefit ARF‘s life-saving programs for animals and people.
  • ARF Thrift Store: Looking for a nice couch, a good read, a great deal on quality home accessories or quality clothing at a fraction of retail prices? Shop at the ARF Thrift Store in Concord, staffed by friendly and energetic volunteers! All sales proceeds support the life-saving efforts of the ARF Emergency Medical Fund® which provides quality, affordable, veterinary care through the ARF clinic for the companion animals of low-income Contra Costa County residents. Donations of clean, good quality clothing, linens, furniture, books, small counter-top appliances and household items are always welcome. Donations are tax-deductible, and a tax receipt will be provided. Our Thrift Store’s items can also be found online as part of our eBay store. Follow the latest deals on the ARF Thrift Store Facebook page!
  • Gift Shop: Facilitates on-line purchases of select merchandise.

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Be a DONOR: Show that you care…

Make A Donation. Save A Life.

Donation: Your donation makes a huge difference in the lives of abandoned animals and people in need.

  • Specified amounts are designated or you may customize your gifts. Recurring gifts are encouraged. Monthly Giving: Make a difference for animals all year long for as little as 60 cents per day. Get your tail wagging and become an ARF Sustainer! Memorial and Tribute gifts are welcomed. Remember or pay tribute to a special person or pet with a compassionate gift to ARF. Honor a friend with a gift today. Also, you may identify and underwrite efforts of your choice. Support a Fund: * Where it is needed most * ARF Emergency Medical Fund * FoodShare * Hope Fund (Medical Care) * Pets and Vets, and * Safety Net Program.
  • Sponsor an Adoption: Generous donors can sponsor the adoption fee of an animal of their choosing. Your tax-deductible donation will cover the adoption fee of a shelter pet and give a family an extra incentive to adopt them (all standard adoption criteria still applies).
  • Guardian Program: The Guardian Program is a service for ARF donors who specify that they are entrusting the care of their Pet(s) to ARF at the time of their death. The program is available for cats and dogs, with a limit of two (2) pets per person.
  • Workplace Giving: Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to ARF through payroll contributions! Discover if your company has a Corporate Giving Program or Foundation, workplace giving, or matching gift program. Many companies will match funds for volunteer hours or employee donations. Send in a matching form with your donation next time you donate to ARF. Your company’s HR department should be able to provide forms or know if a workplace giving program exists.
  • ARF Honor Wall: ARF is more than a shelter: it’s a community center bearing the imprint of every dog, cat, child, and adult who has been impacted by ARF’s lifesaving programs. The Honor Wall in ARF‘s peaceful garden is adorned with a growing collection of customized tiles honoring two- and four-legged friends who have touched our lives. Each 6″ x 6″ tile accommodates a full color photo, logo, or work of art with a name and phrase of your choice.  Honor Wall tiles are available for a $250 donation* and will be permanently displayed in the garden at ARF’s headquarters in Walnut Creek, CA.
  • Legacy Giving: WHAT WILL YOUR LEGACY BE? * Leave a legacy of love for generations to come * Support both people and animals * Take advantage of tax and financial benefits. Leave a legacy of love and be the lifeline to animals in need by remembering ARF in your will or estate.
    • Bequests: Support ARF through your estate. This is a flexible way to leave a meaningful legacy and partner in ARF‘s mission to save lives.
    • Stock and Bonds: Giving appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax-effective way to make a gift to ARF.
    • Gifts of Real Estate: Donating appreciated real estate, such as a home, vacation property, undeveloped land, farmland, ranch or commercial property can make a great gift to our organization.
    • Gifts of Retirement Assets: Donating part or all of your unused retirement assets such as a gift from your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), pension or other tax-deferred plan is an excellent way to make a gift to our organization.
    • Gifts of Cash:  A gift of cash is a simple and easy way for you to make a gift.
    • Gifts of Insurance: A gift of your life insurance policy is an excellent way to make a gift to charity. If you have a life insurance policy that has outlasted its original purpose, consider making a gift of your insurance policy. For example, you may have purchased a policy to provide for minor children and they are now financially independent adults.
  • Ira Charitable Rollover: You may be looking for a way to make a big difference to help further our mission. If you are 70½ or older you may also be interested in a way to lower the income and taxes from your IRA withdrawals. An IRA charitable rollover is a way you can help continue our work and benefit this year.
  • Gifts of Stocks and Bonds: Donating appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to make a gift to ARF.
  • Corporate Partners: There are many ways for your company to enhance its community visibility and brand positioning by affiliating with the positive ARF image.
  • Promote ARF: Spreading the word about ARF‘s good work can be as easy as a mention in your corporate publications. Many companies like Safeway, Men’s Wearhouse, and Chevron use employee newsletters to highlight ARF‘s work, upcoming events, and unique programs, including Camp ARF, Pet Hug Pack®, and Humane Education.
  • Encourage Employee Involvement: The community service of employees enriches not only staff but also appeals to discerning customers. AT&T, PG&E, and Macy’s make it easy for employees to become involved in the community by conducting United Way Employee Giving Campaigns, which are held on-site and give employees a chance to discover first-hand about ARF volunteer and donation opportunities. ARF can visit your workplace and assist companies in setting up a charitable campaign.
  • Host Benefit Event: No one knows the corporate culture better than its employees. Planning a benefit event allows a company the freedom to reflect that culture and directly support ARF‘s programs for animals and people with other members of the community.
  • Donation of Goods: If you order pet supplies from Pet Food Express, 4% of your purchase total will be donated directly to ARF. Alternately, if donating via Amazon, please don’t forget to add Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation as your AmazonSmile charity of choice. “Wish Lists” have extensive lists that identify supplies needed to to care for the needs of their populations of pets.
  • Vehicle Donations: Is your old vehicle ready to go to the dogs (and cats)? Donate it to ARF using our easy, painless vehicle donation program.
  • Thrift Shop Donations: You may donate all things typically found within a gift shop setting.
  • Volunteer: Become a volunteer and join ARF‘s team! The work ARF accomplishes would not be possible without the many generous contributions of its dedicated volunteers. The gift of your time to the organization in a variety of roles extends ARF‘s resources and provides the support necessary to save lives and support relationships between people and pets.

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