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Host your event in the iconic halls of the American Museum of Natural History for an unforgettable New York experience. Its famous halls and architectural accents offer a number of unique settings for your next gathering. Host a gala dinner under the 94-foot blue whale in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life, or in the stunning Rose Center for Earth and Space, or enjoy a cocktail reception next to the most dynamic dinosaur displays in the world. * Corporate Dinners * Not-for-Profit Galas * Cocktail Receptions * Screenings & Red Carpet Events * Weddings & Social Celebrations * Meetings & Conferences are examples of hosted occasions. Hosting an event at the Museum supports scientific research and educational programs.
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As a SHOP: Discover unique gifts…

All proceeds support science and education at the American Museum of Natural History.

The Museum Shop: The flagship of the variously-themed Museum shops, this impressive tri-level store is a world-class source for unique gifts. Each level offers a special shopping experience: a fine gifts gallery, a reading and viewing room, and an unparalleled world of fun and discovery for children. Visitors can broaden their Museum experience with mementos that relate to favorite halls, from the Koch Dinosaur Wing to the mineral and meteorite exhibits; further their exploration of science with educational books and kits; add to their collections of jewelry inspired by world cultures; or bring home entertaining puzzles, iconic Museum apparel and memorabilia, and cuddly stuffed animals. This extraordinary store is truly a treasure trove for distinctive gifts.

Planetarium Shop: Taking its cue from the wonders of outer space and from the depths of our planet, this shop is filled with scientific gifts that enrich visitors’ experiences in the Hall of Planet Earth and the Hayden Planetarium. Adults and children will continue their adventure with items such as meteorite specimens, gems and minerals, books, movies, and iconic Museum apparel and memorabilia. This shop is located on the lower level of the Rose Center for Earth and Space.

Cosmic Shop: Located near the exit of the Space Show in the Rose Center for Earth and Space, this shop features a collection of cosmos-related products including science kits, thought-provoking toys and games, posters, postcards, and more.
Dino Store: Inspired by the extraordinary fossil halls at the American Museum of Natural History, this shop contains an extensive collection of dinosaur-themed merchandise. Discover dinosaur games and puzzles, educational products for children including fossil replicas and models, dino-related books, posters, apparel, and more at this “pre-historic” shop. The Dino Store is located on the fourth floor of the Museum.
Exhibition Shops: Every year the American Museum of Natural History produces major exhibitions that present cutting-edge material in the cultural and scientific fields. Shops that feature products related to these special exhibitions are located near each exhibition’s exit doors.
Online Store: You can purchase items inspired by the amazing collections of the American Museum of Natural History from the comfort of your home or office by shopping online at You’ll find a range of unique gift items inspired by the Museum’s halls including dinosaurs, earth and space, ocean life, biodiversity, and world cultures as well as Museum apparel, memorabilia, and more. Merchandise is catalogued within these collections: * Dino Store * Cosmic Shop * Science * Toys * Apparel * Home Décor * Books * Gift Ideas * 150th Anniversary Souvenirs, and * Virtual Shop.
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As an EATERYFood for thought…

Museum Food Court: Lower Level, across from the Subway entrance. A wide variety of selections for all ages and palates, with gluten-free and nut-free choices, and a menu that changes daily. A manager will be able to answer any questions about ingredients.

Café on One: First floor, Grand Gallery. Gourmet selections for adult tastes, wines by the glass and a selection of beers.

Café on 4: Fourth floor, adjacent to 77th Street elevators. Light meals and assorted snacks.

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Be a DONOR: Show that you care…

The American Museum of Natural History was made for explorers and adventurers – it was made for people like YOU, with a passion for science and a love of discovery. Your support funds groundbreaking research and remarkable education programs. And it ensures that our doors stay open for explorers of every age. Choose the option that works best for you. (The American Museum of Natural History is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.) Membership at specified levels is offered: * Family * Family Adventurer * Family Voyager * Insider * Family Scientist * Adult * Adventurer * Voyager * Junior Council Friend * Junior Council Partner * Junior Council Patron * Collector * Naturalist * Curator * Discoverer * President’s Society, and * Chairman’s Circle.
You do so much when you make a gift to the American Museum of Natural History.  You help preserve our past through award-winning exhibits and collections.  You fuel research that advances human health. You sustain conservation efforts dedicated to rescuing species from extinction. You foster future scientists through educational programs on the most pressing issues like the environment and climate change. And you support the Museum you love. Your generosity makes the Museum’s mission possible and keeps our doors open. Thank you for being a part of everything we do. You can also honor a loved one with a gift to the Museum.
  • Give to our Relief Fund: Your support right now is critical. Your donation now will allow us to continue our mission of science and education – and help ensure that the American Museum of Natural History continues to serve New York City and our global audience, as it has for more than 150 years.
  • Support Science Education: Behind every biologist, scientist, and astronaut is a great education. We leverage our unparalleled collections and the expertise of our scientists to provide the highest quality and most engaging education programming for students—and training for their teachers. Your support helps inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists and science-literate citizens.
  • Support Conservation: From protecting sea turtles in the Pacific to implementing conservation plans for flamingos in the Americas to building a global network of conservation practitioners, your gift will support the Museum’s conservation efforts.
  • Support Free School Visits: Help the Museum carry out cutting-edge scientific research, host educational programs for learners of all ages, design award-winning exhibitions, and lead conservation efforts around the world. Your gift will help continue the Museum’s tradition of exploring and explaining the natural world.
  • Naming Opportunities: Make your mark on the Museum! Our world-class collections and exhibits include fossils, minerals, dioramas, and so much more. Naming gifts are a unique opportunity to honor a loved one, establish a legacy, and support the Museum’s educational and scientific mission. Gift opportunities start at $2,500.
  • Planned Giving: Consider leaving a legacy at the Museum to ensure that our exhibits, collections, and research scientists can inspire, inform, and delight generations to come. A well-planned gift can support the Museum’s future, while helping you and your family achieve your financial goals, such as lowering your tax liability or providing an income source for life.
    • IRA Charitable Distribution: Did you know that anyone age 70 ½ or above may transfer up to $100,000 each year directly from an IRA (an Individual Retirement Account) to 501 (c)(3) organizations like the American Museum of Natural History, without having to report the distributed amount as taxable income? In 2015, Congress permanently extended this charitable incentive – something that is referred to as a “Charitable IRA Rollover” or an IRA Charitable Distribution.
    • Bequests: Remembering the Museum in your will with a bequest is the most common way to plan a future gift. You may arrange for the Museum to receive: a specific dollar amount; specific assets like securities, real estate, or personal property; or, a portion of what remains after providing for other beneficiaries (known as a residuary bequest).
    • Beneficiary and Successor Designations: Beneficiary designations, like bequests in your will, are among the most flexible of planned giving options, allowing you to continue to freely use your account and change your mind in the future for any reason.  Life insurance policies can also be left to the Museum outside of your will, by making a simple change in the beneficiary designation.
    • Charitable Gift Annuities: The purchase of charitable gift annuities from the Museum not only helps to secure the future of the Museum, but can also help to secure your own financial future. If you are age 65 or above, you can transfer cash or stock to the Museum to fund such an annuity. Your gift annuity will make fixed payments for life to you, and/or to someone else if you wish. It will also allow you a partial charitable deduction.
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable-Lead Trusts: Individually managed charitable trusts of donated assets (typically cash, securities, and/or property) can be tailored by your advisor to meet your specific financial planning needs.
Corporate Support: A corporate partnership with the American Museum of Natural History provides unparalleled opportunities to engage employees, entertain clients, and promote your brand at a leading Museum with an annual visitation of approximately five million each year. Explore how your corporation can partner with the American Museum of Natural History, one of New York City’s premier institutions.
  • Corporate Patron Program
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Corporate Philanthropy
  • Corporate Patrons
Volunteer: Each year, more than 1,000 volunteers with diverse backgrounds help the American Museum of Natural History meet its mission and goals. Find out how you can participate!
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