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Today, the Accokeek Foundation partners with the National Park Service to provide programs and services to enhance the park visitor experience and steward 200 acres of Piscataway Park which covers, in total, approximately 5,000 acres, from Piscataway Creek to Marshall Hall on the Potomac River. An effort that began out of a desire to “preserve the view,” in the end has preserved much more. The full conservation area protects a wealth of environmental, cultural, and historic resources, from wetlands to farms to nationally significant historic sites.

By honoring the park’s river location, the Piscataway people, and the sacredness of this land, the Accokeek Foundation shares with people and communities through nature, agriculture, cultural history, and foodways, the value that this land and soil hold, including evolving stories about different communities’ reliance on it for sustenance. Park visitors experience the interconnectedness of all life as they come to know the historical and cultural significance and regenerative potential of the indigenous landscape that is Piscataway Park.

The park is open daily to visitors who enjoy a quiet landscape for recreation and reflection. Annually, thousands of school children visit for farm-based education, learning about environmental stewardship through a historical lens. With support from donors and members, the Accokeek Foundation provides a natural space for all to enjoy, for generations to come.

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The Accokeek Foundation cultivates a passion for the natural and cultural heritage of Piscataway Park. Located minutes from the National Harbor, Alexandria, and downtown Washington, D.C., the Accokeek Foundation’s Education Center was designed with a vision of sustainability at its core. With green features such as a living roof, well-designed daylighting, FSC certified wood, and rainwater reuse, we are able to minimize the short and long term impact of this building on the surrounding ecosystems, as well as regional demands and air, water, and light pollution. Surrounded by expansive views of the National Colonial Farm, pastoral fields, the Potomac River, and Mount Vernon, the Center and the surrounding grounds are an ideal location to host a special event, corporate retreat, or organizational meeting:

  • Weddings at the National Colonial Farm: Couples seeking an outdoor celebration can host their wedding ceremony and reception against the beautiful backdrop of the National Colonial Farm. The farm’s historic buildings and sun-drenched fields offer a romantic setting unique to Piscataway Park.
  • Private and Corporate Parties and Events: Looking for the perfect place to host a corporate retreat, workshop, family reunion, birthday party, baby shower, retirement party, or gathering?

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Help the Accokeek Foundation support its mission year-round by donating today. We rely on individual donations to support educational programs that serve thousands of visitors and school children each year, and to preserve the 200 acres of Piscataway Park we steward. Your donations provide sustainable support to help purchase materials for exhibits focused on “Green History,” feed critically endangered breeds of livestock, save the seed of heirloom crops such as Orinoco tobacco and Virginia Gourdseed corn, purchase gloves for volunteers helping to steward the land, and much more! Plus, your donation has a few perks and will give you access to educational programs and events all year long.

  • Donate online: Donate one time, or set up a monthly or annual donation.
  • Donate In-Kind: Donate an item or service that advances the Foundation’s mission.
  • Donate through Your Paycheck: Ask your employer about workplace giving and donation matching. The Accokeek Foundation is part of the United Way of the National Capital Area and participates in the CFC campaign.
  • Eugene B. Roberts, Jr. Memorial Fund: A Trustee of the Accokeek Foundation for more than 10 years, Gene was a loyal and dedicated volunteer. He spent countless hours working to advance the enduring legacy of the National Colonial Farm and to elevate the Foundation’s historical and agricultural interpretation. He emphasized the importance of sharing the stories of both the “yeoman farmer” and the Piscataway people. Your contribution to the Eugene B. Roberts, Jr. Memorial Fund ensures we can continue to share what Gene loved about the beauty and abundance of this landscape in Piscataway Park, for generations to come.
  • Corporate Partnerships: Accokeek Foundation‘s Annual Corporate Partnerships are designed to garner sustained support for innovative, hands-on educational, agricultural, and environmental stewardship programs at Piscataway Park. The Accokeek Foundation offers flexible corporate partnership opportunities, at every financial level, for businesses seeking to invest in the community. Support of the Accokeek Foundation’s mission is an investment in the community and can offer your business a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining employees, closer relationships with community leaders and officials, greater customer loyalty, and increased positive name recognition and brand awareness.
  • Planned Giving: You can leave a lasting legacy by making a bequest or other testamentary gift to the Accokeek Foundation. The Frances Bolton Society was established to thank and recognize those who have remembered the Foundation with a planned gift and who, through their example, encourage others to do the same.

Volunteer: The Accokeek Foundation offers unique opportunities for volunteers who want to be a part of preserving the cultural history, natural resources, and agriculture of Southern Maryland. With the support of almost 500 volunteers each year, the Foundation offers engaging and educational programs to the community.  Volunteers work alongside staff members to help steward and maintain Piscataway Park, provide event and program support, and engage the community. Whether you just want to volunteer for the day, or are looking for a regular volunteer position, we have opportunities to fit all interests and skill levels.

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