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Culturevore is the title that celebrates your successful transformation from consumer to patron --- a person who champions an important mission or cause.

We want you to discover a unique place or space that can become an ideal setting for your next special occasion or the best marketplace for making your next purchase.

Our compilation of venues and sellers are carefully chosen because they are dedicated stewards of cultural, natural and human resources.

We want you to actively make a conscious choice to book your event or purchase merchandise from those you admire, respect and would like to support.

Your "investment" makes their worthy efforts sustainable and your status as a culturevore official.


Our two user-friendly online directories allow you to search for organizations, institutions and businesses that:

(1.) Rent their unique settings to the public for use as special event venues, earning income in order to sustain their important missions or causes:

  • You may search for venues by location and the type of special event you are planning.

    You may view photos and descriptions of each venue's attributes.
  • You are specifically shown their mission statements in order for you to discover the ones that you would like to support.

    You may visit their Websites, gaining in-depth knowledge of their specific commitment to the greater good.

    You may visit their "event hosting" related pages for planning, scheduling and booking your event.

(2.) Sell merchandise from physical and online gift shops or stores, earning income in order to sustain their important missions or causes:

  • You may search the inventory of online merchandise by category and click on an item to receive a detailed description.
  • You are directly linked to each item's “home” shop or store.
  • You conduct all communications, financial transactions and fulfillment arrangements with the individual vendors.
  • You may find marketplaces that don’t have online shopping. Individual Store Profiles (display ads) promote the identity and location of physical shops and stores.
  • You may view Store Profiles (display ads) that enhance your knowledge of online merchants --- learning of their commitment to the greater good.


Organizational, institutional and business participation in culturevore[venues] and culturevore[store] is by invitation only.

Prospective participants are judged eligible based on their commitment to sustaining culture, nature and humanity.

Upon acceptance, participants pay no fees to receive representation and promotion on either of the two culturevore Websites.


Established in 1999, The Institute for Venture Philanthropy (IVP) is an advocacy-driven philanthropy provider that successfully unites beneficiary and benefactor: LegacyAdvocacy.org

Our mission: "To make patronage simple and direct."

  • In 2008, the IVP originated www.EventsGuild.com that documents and promotes the Stewardship Field's private events hosting capabilities through a dedicated Website culturevore[venues].

    This social enterprise measurably grows venue rental income, significantly advancing the ability for stewards of culture, nature and well-being to sustain their individual missions and causes.
  • In 2011, the IVP developed culturevore[store] providing an online means for stewards of culture, nature and human resources to sell merchandise, earning income to sustain their individual missions and causes.
  • In 2011, the IVP trademarked culturevore, uniquely acknowledging the power individuals attain when their social consciousness shifts from consumerism to patronage.
  • From 1999 - 2017, the IVP has annually supported the development and presentation of visual and decorative art exhibitions throughout the United States.



For more information please email us at info@culturevore.com